Catie featured on Snippet & Ink - Heirloom Bridal Co

Catie featured on Snippet & Ink

Catie’s fabulous wedding was featured over on Snippet and Ink:

I can’t say enough how fun it was to work with Catie, and have her awesome Mom at almost every fitting.

A few weeks ago, Catie dropped off some fabulous prints by Jonathan Canlas, and I must say, I was speechless, giddy, and ridiculously nervous all at the same time. Sometimes, it can be downright awkward sending a dress off with a bride when it’s finished. It’s like sending my baby (made of zippers and thread, of course), who is all grown up, off to college. Heart wrenching and thrilling at the same time. A splendid mix of emotions.

Getting photos of my dresses back from their respective photographers can be equally thrilling! As much as I’d like to say having a custom gown made for your wedding is the best thing ever, nothing, nothing compares to having beautiful, artful, emotional photos capturing a beautiful bride in a beautiful gown, during her happiest moments on her wedding day!

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